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To Eat Frogs For Breakfast Is No Longer Enough…….

Overcome being on “HIGH ALERT”

Feel on top of your game by becoming a congruent leader now !

Anxious feelings are a normal reaction to a situation where a person feels under pressure – for example, meeting work deadlines, confrontation or speaking in front of a group of people. However for many leaders these feelings tip over into other area’s of life or continue after the stressful event has passed. This constant state of “high alert” in the beginning may happen without you being aware of it as leaders are at the forefront of business. After all, it is all just part of being a leader isn’t it ?

Did you know that in any one year over 2 million Australians have anxiety, this is on average, 1 in 4 people?    

Leaders working on personal effectiveness and resilience limit the effect of being an “Anxious Leader” and do not become a statistic.  We work with leaders who understand that it is important to look after yourself first. In an emergency on a plane we are always told to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before helping others. This understanding is important in leadership as is awareness that your followers direct results are effected by your behavior. Leaders with symptoms of stress and anxiety are counter productive in business.   

You can eliminate the this by    

  • Understanding your core values therefore lead from strength

  • Exploring your beliefs system therefore lead with confidence

  • Being congruent and therefore lead easily with influence

  • Learning to focus on the present therefore not over thinking decisions

  • Staying out of the red in your “Emotional Bank” self awareness of deposits and withdraws to stay well balanced

  • Learning to not accept the unwanted gift of negativity no matter how tempting the gift wrapping looks to keep your leadership on track.

There will be other flow on effects once these symptoms are addressed. Ask yourself would you like……

  • Your business to run more smoothly?

  • To have higher resilience in the work place (stress and adversity) to increase performance?

  • To improved strategies for managing and dealing with change to enable your business to move forward?

  • To help develop existing leaders and keep “knowledge and training” in your business?

  • Take your business to the next level and Increase your bottom line?

  • Achieve an ongoing recipe for success?


Fast Pace Your Success

A leadership program designed for you will provide your business with an experience that is powerful and exciting and will give you tools, strategies and principles to take your leadership skills, coaching and communications to a whole new level – this will benefit you, your business, your team and your clients. Ask us how we can provide you and your business with a solution for continued success to take you to the next level. We can achieve the most from your organization and its people.

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If within 30 days of joining our program you don’t feel that we’re a complete match for you and our program won’t give you everything you need to take your leadership to the next level, then we’ll refund your investment. That’s our 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

The balcony or the dance floor….

It is always the leader…..